Why Webpage Speed Matters

Website page speed is important part of user experience. Your site speed can drastically affect your sales and according to Kissmetrics, almost half of users expects a website to load in under 2 seconds and that they tend to abandon a website that won’t load after three seconds. Then, 79% of online shoppers said that when they experience any performance trouble on a site, they will never return to the site to buy again, and 44% of them will tell a friend about their poor experience. Moreover, 52% of online shoppers said that the loading time is an important part of their website loyalty.

As you can see, you’re not only losing a lot of conversions and sales but also a lot of potential conversions and sales, thanks to the word of mouth that your dissatisfied customers have. And good user experience is a matter of a few seconds, so you must work your way to makes sure that your website loads at optimal speed.

In addition to the huge impact to sales, conversions, and user experience, web page speed is also an important part of SEO. Google indicated that it uses the site’s speed as a signal used in ranking websites. Moz research has shown that Google might actually be specifically measuring the time to first byte as a ranking factor. This is directly connected to server response time, which means you need a fast server. But, no matter how fast your server is, if you still haven’t fully optimized your website for speed, your loading time will still suffer. As a result, not only Google penalize you for a slow site, you’ll have unhappy customers too! And oh wait, crawlers can also only crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget due to your website’s slow speed and this can negatively affect your site’s indexation.

Now, let’s see some of the ways to improve site speed.

How to Improve Site Speed

In order to know if your website speed optimization actually works, you have to know your current website loading speed. You can use tools like Pingdom Tools, GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights to help you. They even provide tips on improving your website.

But to me more in-depth, here are some of the ways to improve your website.

  • Enable compression – use gzip to reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that are more than 150 bytes.
  • Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript – when done correctly, it can dramatically increase page speed. There are many tools available online to help you perform this.
  • Reduce redirects – when you reduce redirects, you help your website speed by removing the additional time for HTTP request-response cycle.
  • Optimize images – images have a massive impact in site loading time, therefore, it is important to make sure that they are properly optimized. Use proper format, PNG for graphics with less than 16 colors and JPEG for photography. Then you can use tools like Photoshop to optimize your images for the web.
  • Use CDN – CDN, short for content delivery network, serves your pages depending on where the user is located. Accessing a server near the user’s geographical area means faster loading time.

5 Most Common Myths about Web Designing


Web design has turned out to be most invested industry nowadays. It is not only huge but also mysterious. Millions of active internet users and gradually rising the number of new websites on the internet have created a separate and noticeable position for web designing profession.

However, there are several facts and myths about web design existed which may astonish and sometimes misguide you regarding a better profession. Here are some most common myths about web design that may surprise you. Take a look:

A website should have lots of animatronics to amaze visitors


Having several animations in the website can terrifically boost the number of visitors to your site is one of the most common misconceptions about web designing. Most business owners think that animations can be a great entertainer for website visitors and so prefer to pack their homepage with loads of animatronics.

But it is not 100% correct. Animations can create an excellent appeal to your site, but what matters most is your content. A high-level content can bring more visitors to your site, not animations.

Old website is better impressive

The technology of web designing is rapidly changing, and people always search for something new and latest. But most people think that my website is best at its own. But considering this fact is entirely wrong. Regular updating of sites, it content and theme can give your business a better mileage and greater web traffic. So never make your website looking old and outdated with the boosting technology.

Mobile site is unnecessary uxdesigner-1200x634

The rate of using the internet on mobile phones has increased 80% more than its usual rate over the past few years. But there are several business owners yet thinking mobile sites to be useless and expensive. But you have to remember that not every person have their laptop or computer to watch your site. Optimizing your website for mobile version can be a significant step towards effective internet marketing. So if you are planning to launch a new website or renovating your existing one, then considering of making it mobile compatible can be an excellent idea.

Design satisfy all needs

Website Designing is far more than adding colors, graphics, and fonts to the pages. It’s the communication and utility tool that can boost your business productivity. A great designing can add more value to the look of your site, but it is not the cure for everything.

You need to have high web traffic, significant engagement with clients and regular communication features on the site to have the best benefit from it so never takes designing as the basis for better business. A better web design must be expandable for all future needs.

Free website is money-saving

The free site may sound great but in real they are not much effective. Free sites sometimes fill your pages with free advertisements which you cannot control. Poor search engine ranking, common domain name, etc. are some other disadvantages of having a free website. So going to free website can never be money-saving for you.